First Fusion Capital

Our Jumbo Loan Process

First Fusion Capital does not charge an upfront retainer fee for initial project review nor do we require an exclusive engagement

We realize that the Client may already be working with others in the attempt to secure funding.

Initial review of client request at no charge determining its viability

Funding Request Process

Submit Executive Overview form

  1. Funding analysis processed
  2. Email sent outlining specific documents needed with FINANCIAL SERVICES CONSULTING AGREEMENT.
  3. Receipt of the complete package with signed agreement
  4. Full file review
  5. Additional documentation request if needed
  6. Deep Business Analysis processed
  7. Completed file sent for risk analysis and due diligence.
  8. Funding request Accepted/Rejected
  9. If Accepted:
  10. Engagement Letter of Interest (“LOI”). Issued with funding parameters
  11. Client call to discuss terms
  12. Client executes engagement LOI and returns to FFC

Simple 15-Second Business Loan Application

After completing this simple application, we’ll pair your with a dedicated Business Financing
Advisor to choose the best financing options for your business!