First Fusion Capital


First Fusion Capital’s, capital multiplier program. Through our strategic partnerships with an international financial institution, we are able to amplify your deposit by a (gross)factor of five. In simpler terms, a deposit of $2 million yields a line of credit up to $8 million net line at a 0% interest rate for 24 months. Your obligation? Only the principal.


A real estate developer needs to fund a $10 million project.

After an initial consultation, the developer completes all required paperwork and submits key documents, including their business plan and KYC form.

In this program, the client deposits a $2 million project down payment and receives a $8 million net line at 0% interest. A $2 million down payment, and the property, valued at $10 million, serve as the collateral for a $10 million gross line of credit.

After the initial consultation call, FFC coordinates a call between the client and the platform and then the financial institution.

In these calls, the client presents their business plan and asks and answers any of their and the platform’s and institution’s questions. After this call, the institution provides a term sheet detailing the 4x net Capital Multiplier specifics. (5x gross before 20% fee)

After a thorough review by the client and their legal team, any remaining questions are resolved with the platform and the financial institution. Once all executed agreements are in place, the client signs the term sheet and initiates the capital transfer to the financial institution.

In 90 banking days or less, the institution approves the client’s loan at 0% interest, giving them access to a $8 million net line of credit. 


  • Adhere to accredited investor standards stipulated under US SEC Rule 501 Reg D, Canada’s NI 45-106, or analogous international regulations.
  • Maintain a corporate net worth of over $2.1 million.
  • A business plan that requires funding for the 5x multiplier
  • Possess liquid capital of at least $1.2 million.
  • Furnish requisite collateral against the 5x loan acquired at 0% interest.


  • Multiplier Effect: Experience a monumental gross of 5x escalation on your deposit.
  • Trusted Alliance: Collaborate with a Canadian financial consortium.
  • Zero Preliminary Fees: Fees accrue only post-realization of the multiplier.

Unique Features

  • Insurance: Assurance of deposit coverage through a top-tier insurer by the Canadian institution.
  • Transparency: Absolute clarity in all dealings, ensuring your continued confidence.
  • Global Expertise: Benefit from our international team’s profound understanding of nuanced banking strategies.


  • Initiate a comprehensive consultation call.
  • Furnish all mandatory documentation, including business strategy and proof of capital.
  • Sign and return the platform’s suite of documentation.
  • Engage in a subsequent consultation with the Canadian institution post documentation.
  • Post qualification, the institution provides a detailed term sheet.
  • Upon ratification, it affects the capital deposit.
  • Optional: Secure deposit insurance per client preference.
  • Following deposit receipt, the institution extends the 5x multiplier within a stipulated time frame. Note: the platform remuneration transpires at this juncture.

Essential Documentation For Us to Get Started

  • Validate proof of funds, minimum $1.2 million.
  • Detail a business strategy warranting a 5x multiplier.
  • Signing and returning all documents: KYC, Joint Venture Agreement, and mutual NDA NCA.


There is a fee of 20% of the augmented sum at the funding of the transaction. The platform shares this fee equally with the financier.



The time from initial deposit to loan funding ranges from 30 to 90 banking days. The financial institution will provide a precise timeline upon contract finalization.


We’d like to encourage you to read this disclaimer carefully before you begin any transaction with FFC and the platform.

At FFC, we believe in transparency and provide our clients with clear and concise information. To ensure a complete understanding of the transaction we strongly suggest that you bring your business consultants and or legal counsel to all meetings.

Any bank fees, legal fees, and tax obligations associated with your transaction are your responsibility, not First Fusion Capital’s or the platform’s.

We are committed to providing exceptional service while complying with all securities laws in different jurisdictions.

To ensure compliance with securities laws the platform will connect clients to a registered securities dealer broker or a securities law firm in the jurisdiction where the client conducts their business. This enables us to provide our clients with the best possible advice and support while complying with all relevant laws and regulations.

At First Fusion Capital, we are dedicated to helping clients achieve their business goals through our experience, resources, and suggested solutions. Our commitment to compliance, transparency, and exceptional customer service sets us apart. So, if you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you navigate the world of structured financing, look no further than First Fusion Capital.