First Fusion Capital


Do you have a hard asset like a gemstone, painting, or nickel wire that you would like to monetize but you are challenged with:

  1. Identifying monetizers that can execute?
  2. Fraudulent brokers or bankers or monetizers?
  3. Organizations that can monetize a real asset within a specific timeframe?

If you are a business owner with valuable hard assets that you want to monetize, look no further than First Fusion Capital. Our comprehensive monetization program is designed to help you unlock the value of your assets and generate additional revenue streams. From gold and gemstones to gold mines and real estate, we specialize in asset monetization and offer a streamlined process to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes quickly and efficiently.

Our team has experience in the private banking and alternative finance industry and can support businesses in monetizing their hard assets.

So why let your assets sit idle when you could be generating additional revenue? Let First Fusion Capital help you monetize your hard assets and achieve your financial goals. Contact us today to learn more about our monetization program.


To qualify for these programs, you must have hard assets valued at a minimum of $20 million or higher. Our company accepts various types of hard assets, including real estate, gemstones, diamonds, gold, high-value art, in-ground proven reserves of gold, nickel wire, copper powder, silver, and more. The programs provide a unique opportunity to leverage your hard assets to generate significant returns. Contact us directly to learn more about the programs and the specific qualifications for acceptance.


If you’re looking to generate new sources of income from your underutilized assets, our monetization program offers a comprehensive solution. The programs offer the benefit of turning your idle assets into a valuable source of income while our team takes care of the entire process from start to finish. Our team will evaluate your assets and your paperwork (including a 3rd party evaluation report) and, with your consent, provide it to a custodian lawyer and help you unlock their total value. With our hassle-free process, you can be confident that you’re in good hands.


If you’re interested in participating in our monetization program, here’s what you need to know:

  • The first step is to schedule a consultation call with us.
  • During the call, we’ll conduct a KYC (Know Your Client) assessment and answer any questions you may have.
    • If you decide to proceed, we’ll send you the initial paperwork, which includes the following: CIS / KYC (Customer information sheet / Know your client). This document requires proof of ownership of the asset (IMPORTANT: no more than six months old) and any 3rd party reports demonstrating the asset’s value.
    • Joint Venture Agreement, which outlines our fees.
    • Mutual NDA NCA Agreement, which protects the confidentiality of the transaction.
    • Once we have the required paperwork, we will schedule a consultation call with an international law firm that will explain to you how the program works in detail and conduct their due diligence on you and your asset. If the law firm decides to act as custodian of your hard asset, the law firm will provide you with a retainer agreement that outlines the monetization process, fees, and suggested timelines. If you accept the service contract, you will be required to retain the law firm (retainer fees are about $110,000) and an asset wiring fee of $1.6 million USD. The asset wiring fee is deposited into an escrow account and is only used when monetizing the asset. If, for some reason, the asset is not monetized, we can ask the law firm to refund the wiring fee of $1.6 million at any time.
    • Once you have read the entire agreement (and have consulted with your own law firm or business consultants) and agree to move forward, the entire process should take 60+ banking days, depending on various conditions.

Clients are Required to Provide

  • A current SKR (Safe Keeping Receipt) or Certificate of Deposit or Securities Certificate and credit rating of the issuing organization
  • Appraisal Report/Certificate of Analysis – 3rd party report which has been completed within the past six (6) months showing the actual value of the asset & that the client owns the asset
  • Proof, 3rd party organization is a legitimate organization with no personal or financial ties to the client, thus validating the asset’s value and proof of existence.
  • Current Insurance Wrap on the asset that they want to monetize. If the client doesn’t have an insurance wrap, AltFunds Global may have alternative solutions
  • A signed document showing the assets (or funds) are clean & clear (or free of criminal origins)
  • 2 (two) banking officer details or a banking relationship manager
  • If the assets are a combination of hard assets and letters of credit or cash, ensure the letters of credit are with the top 50 banks in the world
  • All documentation is real and appraisal of assets are dated within 3 months of submitting the required paperwork
  • Ensure you have viewed and inspected the assets prior to submitting paperwork
  • The client providing the paperwork is the actual owner and not an intermediary

Once First Fusion Capital’s (FFC) documents have been signed and proper paperwork has been provided and validated, FFC will schedule a call with various law firms, banks, or family offices that monetize these sorts of assets. The final agreement between the law firm or the family office will provide closing procedures, LTV (loan to value), and a time frame of execution to the client. Once all parties execute the agreements, the client can start the monetization process. Once the monetizer decides to move forward, the monetizer, their law firm, or the right bank will provide additional joint venture contracts that will allow them to leverage the client’s assets and get a credit facility against it. 


Attention: Our program is not suitable for the following:


  • Asset-rich businesses that are cash poor and can’t afford to pay legal or investigation fees
  • Businesses that don’t want to pay any upfront legal fees or asset wiring fees
  • Businesses that don’t want to pay for our former FBI/CIA agents to authentic the paperwork and conduct due diligence o the value of the assets (please see fees section)
  • Brokers who are working with a group of other intermediaries and don’t have direct access to the actual customer


Essential Documentation For Us to Get Started

  • FFC’s Customer Information Sheet (CIS) / Know Your Client (KYC)
  • A signed Joint Venture agreement for services rendered
  • A mutual non-disclosure, non-circumvent agreement (NDA/NCA)
  • Safekeeping Receipt (SKR) current with fees paid.
  • Insure Wrap


  • Upfront Fee: $110,000 for consulting and legal fees. 
  • 25% due upon the monetization of the asset. 
  • $1.6 million USD for transferring the asset into a law firm’s account and creating a credit facility. The $1.5 million is fully refundable by the law firm or monetizer if the transaction does not occur.
  • Please Note: Part of the consultation fees is used to have our former FBI/CIA agents conduct a 3rd party analysis of the asset’s authenticity.