First Fusion Capital provides access to debt for companies seeking capital to grow.  Private debt is an alternative form of financing, away from public markets, in which funds and investors directly invest in companies or engage in buyouts of such companies. Private equity firms make money by charging management and performance fees from investors in a fund.

Private debt funds raise capital from institutions and wealthy individuals and then invest that money into funding businesses. We raising a specific amount of capital quarterly, funding individual loans form $25MM and up for approved requests.

We are consultants for Funding Strategies and Solutions.

Private debt portfolio companies focus on alternative direct Investments, sponsors, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and co-investments.

We can provide access to funding for projects ranging from Real Estate Development, Construction, Startups, Entertainment, various others, and provide funding to build a fund, without having to go through a bank or outside investors. Typically, private equity funds are structured as limited partnerships with fixed holding periods during which investors are not able to access or receive back their money. The investors are typically limited partners and the partnership is managed by a manager or management group that earns money both through annual fees as well as taking a share of profits earned.

Funds are often differentiated based on their investment strategy, several of which are widely used in commercial real estate today.

FFC connects entrepreneurs to capital sources.