Major Projects Program Guidelines


  • $50 million for financing,
  • $25 million for acquisitions
  • $50 million for real estate.


real estate, healthcare, technology, renewable energy, entertainment, solar energy, mining, marine industry, resources, industrial development, infrastructure, transportation, oil, and gas production, hospitality. Medical/hospital, food processing, telecommunications, and food production.

For all capital raises

a business plan and CV are required for initial consideration.

For real estateĀ 

type of property, its location, square footage, year built, quality, major tenants, rent roll, Net Operating Income, Itemized Expenses, Current YTD and prior years financial statements, principal(s) net worth, bios on the owners/borrowers/developer with a list of similar properties owned or developed, size of the deal, amount of financing required and terms requested, amount of equity invested by the principal(s), timeline on the deal and a list of financing/equity sources previously contacted.

For all financing assignments

we work only on an exclusive retained basis, The retainer covers the cost of due diligence and the preparation of any necessary presentation materials including a business plan, Confidential Information Memorandum, or Financing Memorandum if any of such have not otherwise been completed professionally.