First Fusion Capital

What Is D.AI.SY Crowdfunding 

*Results Audited by Ernst & Young.

*An Equity Crowd Funding model for financial technologies.

*A decentralized smart contract, not a company.

* A model where everyone can win, with profits, equity, and income.

* Currently crowd-funding Endotech for the Daisy AI Project.

* Contributors receive exclusive stock equity and profit rewards.

* CrowdFund closing May 31st, 2023 to open a hedge fund using the same ai trading program

Who Is Endotech?

* The 1st technology partner for Daisy Crowd Fund.

* Global Fintech company specializing in AI trading systems.

* Roadmap to complete Daisy AI and be publicly traded in 2022.

* Currently providing AI trading systems for top financial institutions.

* Proven track record of high-performance results.

* Founded by Dr. Anna Becker, operated by top AI Scientists