A+ Funding


Regulation A+ (also known as Title IV of The JOBS Act or Reg A+) allows companies to raise up to $75 million from both accredited investors and the general public. This regulation is similar to a traditional initial public offering (IPO). However, in a Reg A+ offering a company soliciting investments from the general public will remain private. Additionally, Reg A+ offerings allow companies to raise capital faster and less expensively than in an IPO.

Is my company a good fit for Reg A+?

We don't know which campaigns will be huge successes, but we do have some basic criteria for companies that are a good fit for our platform.

  • Must be incorporated in US or Canada
  • Primary place of business must be in the US or Canada
  • Seeking to raise a minimum of roughly $2,000,000
  • Understands that the Regulation A+ requires significantly more accounting and legal cost, qualification with the SEC, as well as increased ongoing disclosure requirements